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Keeping up with the times

In today’s technological society, it is important and smart business to be on the Internet. The internet gives you access to companies all over the world that you may not have thought about doing business with before, allowing you to expand your clientele. In addition, you can send and receive email to quickly converse with all of your customers, for far less cost than a long distance call. Best of all, the Internet and email is global and instant.

Email and web sites are becoming increasingly more popular as a way to generate more revenue for your business. It seems that everyone is cashing in on this relatively new market. Small businesses are putting themselves on the web so that they may compete with the large corporations. Corporations are using the web to bring in sales from all over the world. We at JTC have everything you need to put your business up in this market, and if you need help in developing your web site or with your Email, we have specialists to serve your every need.

It is perceived that hiring a professional is excessively expensive. At JT Computer, we feel that this is simply not true. We have experienced staff on hand that can build you an effective web page and help to grow your business at a relatively low cost to you. Our trained technical staff can upgrade your computer to Internet standards or to your specifications. Our networking team is able to do everything possible to give your entire company access to the World
Wide Web, plus we offer you technical support when needed to ensure you 100% satisfaction with your online experience. We offer sites ranging from the simple one-page sites, for those businesses that just want to get their name on the web to inform the public and / or employees of company events. To detailed multi-page sites that go in depth about the company giving information that ranges from the company background and history, to a complete listing of current inventory.

JT Computer offers our customers the highest level of Internet service and support possible. We give you the best ISP service and customer satisfaction with the lowest rate that we possibly can.
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