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Nearly 39% of US companies already have a web site.
Of the remaining 61% of companies that do not currently have a web site, a full one third will get one in the next 12 months. Let JT Computer help your company take on this new frontier and win.

JTC Web Team
When we create a website, we keep in mind the most important objectives such as organization, clarity and making it enjoyable for your customer; A website where visitors will take notice and spend time in it, one that will give them a good reason to want to do business with you.
We have simplified and integrated graphic design, web consulting and web programming for your convenience. Our designers have learned to listen to our clients. You will need to give us an idea about what your needs are (e.g. sales, catalog, personal page, etc.), the way your site should look and feel (e.g. color scheme), and the content or information to be published and we will create an internet presence for you.

Web Site Development
JT Computer provides businesses with turnkey web page solutions. Each system is carefully tailored to meet the client's needs in terms of presentation style (e.g., color, graphics, and animation), complexity, technology infrastructure and budget. Because of our extensive third party relationships, JT Computer has the ability to provide the products and services to meet virtually any size company's needs -- whether a two or three man shop or a major, Fortune 500 corporation.

E-Commerce is the buying or selling of products via the Internet. As more and more people gain access to the Internet and begin to take advantage of the ease and simplicity of "one click shopping," it is becoming ever more crucial to give customers online access to your company's products and services. We at JT Computer can make it possible for you to have your own E-Commerce site.
Whatever your Internet needs, JT Computer can provide a comprehensive and effective solution.

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