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Working together to keep your company connected at competitive rates

We are
really excited to announce that we are an authorized partner of Cbeyond Communications, one of the fastest growing voice and broadband providers in the US.

Small businesses love Cbeyond Communications because they give them the kind of voice and high-speed data services they thought only big business could afford – usually for less than they’re paying for their current local and long distance service alone.

Cbeyond delivers an integrated package of high quality local and long distance telephony services, high-speed, T-1 Internet access and Internet-based applications. Their affordable service packages offer all the communications tools a business needs, from conference calling and voicemail to email, web-hosting, VPN and more. All of this in one bill. And they deliver advanced Internet bandwidth that is affordable – starting as low as $495 a month

Cbeyond is able to provide their communications services in a truly dynamic format, so that you get the most for your dollar. All of your communications are provisioned over a full T-1 line, which is a stable, proven, industry standard technology. You can think of this as a single pipeline that carries all of your voice and data. Dynamic allocation means that if you are not using the phone, you get full access to the high speed pipeline at 1.544 megabytes per second. When you are using the phone, a small portion of that line is allocated to the call. When you hang up, that small portion is given back to data. Why waste money on unused parts of your communications lines?

This is innovative technology that can really bring productivity to your office – and now you can afford it. Cbeyond is a financially solid company and their focus on the small business market is getting them acclaim from industry observers, customers and partners. In fact, independent analyst firm Stratecast Partners called their execution as a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) the best in the business …….. and named Cbeyond the strongest integrated access provider in the US.

This is a company that we are proud to represent and as an authorized Cbeyond Partner, we receive the highest level of training and support from Cbeyond so that we may offer you the same superior service you've grown accustom to having with ABC Company.

We’re looking forward to sharing this exciting new product, and showing you how it can save you time, money, and make you more efficient. We will be following up with you directly within the next couple of days to help you in assessing your current provider services and to help you in making the right decision for your company.

If you have any questions please contact your dedicated JTC sales representative.

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