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JT Computer’s has partnered with CBeyond to provide our customers with the best telecommunications services available. With CBeyond, you can get all of your communications from one provider, on one bill using a 100% Cisco IP network:

Please talk to your sales representative or technician for more information.

The Beyond Voice services available include:

T-1 High-speed Internet Access
Local and long distance calling


Toll-free phone number



Conference Calling




Email with SpamBlocker & Virus Protection



Web Hosting



Secure Backup & Fileshare



Managed Firewall




Remote VPN



Mobile voice, data and BlackBerry®



Conference Calling



Fax to email



We understand that money is tight and there’s no one-fit solution for all companies. That’s why we give you the freedom to choose from different service packages that encompass all the services you need to fit your budget.


Check out the innovative services that we can add to your plan below:


BeyondMobile: Cell phone and BlackBerry® devices that integrate with the Beyond Voice service plans. Increase your productivity with features like email on the go, integrated voicemal, calendaring and contacts – all while sharing minutes across your employees.

BeyondOffice: Delivers full T-1 internet access and phone services – plus a range of valuable tools like email, voicemail and a toll-free number, directly to the home of the CEO or owner.

Secure VPN On-Net and Off-Net: Connects multiple sites that are served by Cbeyond for easy filesharing and communication. If your business has a location that isn’t served by Cbeyond, you can still stay connected with VPN Off-Net.

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